ArbIt originates from an initiative taken by a group of Italian practitioners specialised in international arbitration and alternative methods of disputes resolution.

ArbIt’s main objective is to promote arbitration as an effective tool of resolving international disputes and developing its culture and ethos in Italy and abroad.

During the last twenty years, commercial arbitration and investment arbitration have witnessed an exceptional development worldwide. In Italy, this growth was only partially registered since arbitration developed slower than in other places. ArbIt’s promoters are convinced that the commitment by Italian professionals is vital for the progress of the arbitration practice and the improvement of the national legal framework.

ArbIt intends to pursue its objectives through various initiatives such as:
  • Creating a network of professionals who are active in the arbitration and ADR sectors in Italy, to facilitate the circulation of information and continuing professional development.
  • Organising conferences, courses and seminars focusing on the law and the practice of international arbitration, to promote arbitration knowledge and ethos.
  • Presenting proposals intended to update the Italian legal framework on arbitration matters, particularly in those sectors where the current provisions appear to be inadequate or totally lacking.
  • Circulating ArbIt’s positions and relevant information of the arbitration sector through communications in the media and publications of a scientific nature.
  • Collaborating and developing relations with Italian and foreign arbitral institutions.
  • Sharing and comparing initiatives with similar groups that are active in other jurisdictions.
  • Establishing and developing relations with professional and category associations, to provide assistance in promoting arbitration amongst enterprises and professionals.