Arbit Turns 10 - The Association

ArbIt turns 10 and relaunches by establishing itself as an association

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, ArbIt – the Italian Forum for Arbitration and ADR has turned into an association.
ArbIt was formed on the initiative of a group of professionals dealing with domestic and international arbitration and experts in alternative dispute resolution. ArbIt is a very successful project, which has actually given visibility to Italy in the world of international arbitration, as well as to international arbitration in Italy.

In ten years, ArbIt has organised several dozen events, conferences, roundtables, all involving the most important players in the world of national and international arbitration and in the academic context. Most of such meetings were held in English to allow a wide participation, including at international level, which is unprecedented – with such a frequency – in Italy.

The transformation into an association stems from the need to open up ArbIt even more to the ever-increasing number of professionals in arbitration, with a view to sharing and spreading a culture of arbitration and other forms of ADR inspired by the internationally recognised best practice principles. The ambition is to make Italy more and more present in the international arbitration scenario and, at the same time, to see in Italy a growing arbitration community, increasingly appreciated and recognised for its high professionalism.

In a context in which the internalisation of the economy makes the use of arbitration and other ADR instruments increasingly frequent, ArbIt is the ideal place where professionals and institutions can profitably confront each other on issues related to the use of tools alternative to ordinary justice.